Speed up the manufacture of multi-part components with our precision overmoulding services.

Fibrax specialises in the delivery of high quality overmoulded products. The process moulds together two or more components of various materials as a single product or application. Overmoulding eliminates the need for the manual assembly of parts and provides a much better bond between materials. It is therefore an effective way to significantly shorten manufacturing cycle times.

We will work with you identify the best materials for your application. Typically, we overmould using:

  • Plastic over plastic
  • TPE over plastic
  • Rubber over plastic
  • Plastic over metal
  • TPE over metal
  • Rubber over metal

Overmoulding is used for a vast range of purposes. Often it is used to simply improve the aesthetics of a product or the way it feels when handled. It also gives a degree of flexibility to rigid parts.

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